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Winner of Best Sound in Microflix 2021 festival

I had the pleasure of working on two projects for this year's Microflix short film competition - "The Bottom of the Billabong" by Melbourne and Perth-based production company 54th Story and "Beathe" by acclaimed animator Mawrgan Shaw. Both projects were equalling challanging and interesting to work on, with "The Bottom of the Billabong" being a more foley-centric and traditional sound design post project, while "Breathe" allowed me to explore more experimental sound design along with music composition.

I was extremely honoured and pleased to receive the good news that my audio work for "The Bottom of the Billabong" was selected as 'Best Sound' for the competition! Always wonderful to have your work recognized and it's even nicer given I had such a great time working on both of these projects.

I'm looking forward to working with both 54th Story and Mawrgan Shaw again next year on projects for this festival and others! Maybe there's a chance for a repeat on the horizon...

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