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Goodbye Audio Process

It's with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Audio Process after nearly eight years of audio post, studio management, music engineering, location sound, and really any old odd job that needed doing. Fortunately, I know the space is still in great hands with my former collegues and current friends, and of course I'll still be connected to them by way of continuing to collaborate on film, TV, and other post projects.

I owe a ton to the skills, knowledge, and experience I gained working there over the first part of my professional career and am extremely grateful to have had the opportunities I did. But now I'm moving onto the next chapter of my audio journey, diving into the world of freelancing as a post audio engineer.

I'm extremely excited to sink my teeth into new projects with a whole new batch of creatives, all looking for the perfect sound for their projects.

And that's where I come in! I'm ready and available for your latest project, whether it be a quick mix, feature film, score composition, or really anything audio-related - I've got you covered.

Drop me a line and let's connect today!


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