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A new chapter in Melbourne, Australia

After 36 hours in transit, 21 hours in the air, and a nice, lengthy 10 hour layover in Los Angelos, I've touched down in Melbourne, Australia where I'm ready to start the next chapter in both my audio post production and music careers.

Making the move across the globe was not an easy decision, but will be an exciting and challanging change. House-hunting, gear-buying, and general life admin await me before I'll be able to dive back into the respective worlds of audio post and music production, but boy I'm excited.

Being in new spaces (like the above-pictured Ninety Mile Beach) is always inspiring and I'm very keen to get to work on some new projects and songs in early May once I've been able to settle down and set up shop.

Looking forward to working and collaborating with old friends and clients as well as new ones I'm able to meet and connect with here in my new home!


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